There are some companies that do not have leave days for their employees and this makes employees to start faking sick leaves. At the same time it’s hard for bosses of these companies to give them permit to at least relax. It’s due to this that people look for doctors notes. Most of the reasons that make people to miss work are related to health though others do this because of boredom. When people fail to report to work they give excuses that their relatives have passed on or that they are sick and which is not the case. The only way that you can use to convince your doctor is by using the doctors’ notes as they will act as an excuse.

The doctors note for work

What does it mean by the doctor’s note for work? It simply means a written explanation that is presented by the employee from the doctor for nonappearance. In most cases when you are sick it is a requirement that you provide your employee with a written explanation from your doctor that you were indeed sick and could not report to work. The doctors’ note for work will be used as a proof of the illness to your employer. Another very important thing about the doctors’ note for work is that there are several websites today that offer fake notes and all of them can be easily accessed through the internet. In fact all the fake notes concerning all kinds of diseases are found on the internet. Some of the few good excuses that you can give for missing work are:

1.Back pain problem

It is very easy for one to forge doctors’ notes concerning back pain problems. In the sickness note you will claim that you have a problem with your spinal muscles and therefore you could not be able to report to work. Those people who spend a large portion of their time at the office are the ones who can use this excuse for not reporting to work. In fact it is one of the good reasons that you can use for not reporting to work.

2. A Surgery

There are many reasons why you cannot report to work especially if you have had surgery in the past. The reason why you cannot report to work is mainly because surgery has many preparatory arrangements and all these require specific recovery periods. This can be used to allow you stay out for a number of days and more especially if you are not ready to report to work.

3. A visit to a doctor

If you have a doctor visit note then it can be a good excuse for you for missing work because you can show it to your employer and he can readily allow you to go and visit your doctor. In this case you need not fake an illness because a visit to a doctor is one of the best reasons why you should not report to work. Most employers understand that the health of their employees matters.

Last but not least, faking the doctors’ notes is something that is difficult and can cost you your job and therefore you need to be very careful when looking for fake doctors’ notes.

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